Torso Sizing

To measure your torso size you will need to measure from your C7 Vertebrae down to your iliac crest/hip shelf. To get the most accurate measurement, it is best to have someone else measure your back with a flexible measuring tape. The measurement will most likely fall somewhere within our sizing chart. If you do not fall somewhere in our sizing chart shoot us an email and we can discuss custom torso sizing.

The goal for packs with a padded hip belt is to get the belt to ride so that the center line is close to riding on your hip bones. That way you will get the best load transfer to your hips, removing a bulk of the load from your shoulders.

Torso sizing is not quite as critical on packs that do not have a padded hip belt, as you do not have to line up the belt with your hip bones. It is still best to select a torso size that is close to your measurement despite the fact that there is no belt.

We have three different torso sizes, Sm 16-17.5", Med 18-19.5", and Lg 20-21.5". 

Measurements on Backpacks 

In addition to measuring your back to find your correct torso size, it can also be useful to measure a backpack that you currently own. If you have a backpack that fits you well, you can measure it using the following guidelines and we can compare it to one of our backpacks to find the size that will work best for you.

On Superior HB packs without load lifters we measure from where the shoulder straps are sewn into the pack down to the middle of the hip belt.

On frameless Superior packs that do not have a padded hip belt, we measure the torso size from where the straps are sewn into the pack down to the bottom of the pack.

Measurements on Internal Frame Packs

Our backpacks that come with an internal frame have two measurements on them. The first is measured from the center of the hip belt up to the crest between the shoulder straps. This is the torso height on the pack.

The image below is an example of how we measure torso height on one of our internal frame packs. 

The second is measured from the bottom of the pack up to the seam that the load lifters are sewn into. This is the frame height. We are currently offering two different frame heights on framed packs. Our small torsos come with a 22" frame, and our medium/large packs come with a 24" frame. We have found these frame heights to be great for hauling loads up to about 40lbs or so with their corresponding torso heights. 

The image below is an example of how we measure the frame height on one of our internal frame packs.

Hip Belt Sizing

Along with our torso sizing we have corresponding hip belt sizes. The three hip belt sizes are Sm 26", Med 28", and Lg 30". Each measurement is referring to the amount of padding that the belt will have. Each hip belt will come with enough adjustable webbing to fit up to about a 50" waist or so.  

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