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General backpacking

Ultralight backpacking

Weekend trips


New! Adjustable torso sizing when you get the full wrap hip belt option! The full wrap hip belt allows the torso size to be adjusted by up to 3".


The Long Haul is a medium to large capacity ultralight internal frame backpack that is a great do-all pack. If you have to pick one backpack to handle all of your backpacking needs, this pack will get the job done no matter what the adventure calls for. It is a great choice for any thru-hike!


This pack is very intuitive and easy to use. We've left off any unnecessary features so that you can spend less time fussing with your pack and more time on the trail. It can be run with as little as two buckles, one on the roll-top and one on the hip belt, which means there is little hardware to break. Or you can load it up with compression straps and external strapping if you need extra storage space.


The 40L pack has a max capacity of 40L of internal storage but compresses down to a very comfortable 25L when the roll top is rolled down to the load lifters. The outer pockets are considered extra capacity and add approximately 10-12L.


The Long Haul is a very comfortable and easy-to-use pack with a very capable frame and suspension system that can handle up to 40lbs if you need it to. Loads of 30lbs or less are optimal and will feel like you are floating down the trail.


Endless attachment points make it easy to customize the pack to your own needs, even from a trip to trip. Modular compression, bottom straps, and various top strap styles make it easy to add external gear storage if you find yourself needing extra storage space on any given trip. When the compression straps are removed, there is no hardware leftover, making for a very clean aesthetic and minimal weight.


The pack comes stock with a lycra pad sleeve on the back panel and a foam seat pad which can be used as a seat while taking breaks. 


This pack is made of tough EPLX200 Ecopak, a laminated fabric that is fully waterproof.  While highly water resistant, our packs do not come stock with taped seams, so dry bags are necessary for keeping important gear dry.


All of our packs are made to order. Check our current lead times here.

Long Haul 40 EPLX - Internal Frame

  • 40L specs:

    Storage capacity:

    Dimensions when empty:

    • 40L internal/50L when utilizing outer storage pockets
    • Minimum Capcity: 25L internal/35L when utilizing outer storage
    • Bottom Circumference: 32.5"
    • Top Circumference: 34.5"
    • Unrolled Height: 34.5"

    Packed/Rolled Dimensions: (Used to calculate internal volume)

    • 32.5" lower circ
    • 34.5" upper circ
    • 29" height

    Weight breakdown:

    • Average weight of the pack including all optional items listed below: 31oz
    • One pair of side compression straps - .7oz per pair
    • Top strap - .7oz
    • Aluminum stays - 4oz (med 22")
    • Foam back pad - .8oz
    • Sternum strap - .5oz
    • Roll top Stiffener - .5oz
    • Hip belt weight varies depending on size

    Frame heights:

    • Sm 20"
    • Med 22"
    • Lg 24"
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