This custom option makes the foam pad that is included in all of our Long Haul packs completely removable. It adds a velcro opening to the outside of the pack just underneath the load lifters by which you can access the foam pad. 


There are two small drain holes at the bottom of the sleeve to allow for the draining of water when hiking in rainy conditions.


This option adds about .2oz to the overall pack weight on a Long Haul pack and about 1.5oz to any of our frameless pack due to adding a second layer of fabric to the back panel.


The shock cord lashing option gives you the ability to carry either a sleeping pad, a sit pad, or the included foam pad on the outisde of the pack so that it is accessible while hiking. This option adds about .5oz to the overall pack weight. 


Note that all of our packs come with the necessary attachment points for adding shock cord to the back panel. This option just adds the shock cord and cord locks. 


Removable Foam Back Pad

  • Width: 10.5"

    Height: Long Haul Packs: 23" for Sm, 25" for Med, 25" for Lg

    A 1/2" thick pad or smaller will fit insied the sleeve. 

    Thicker pads such as folded sleeping pads must be lashed to the torso of the pack using shock cord. 

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