This pocket attaches to our Big Wild backpack to add additional storage space to the pack and can be seamlessly transferred over to an Alpacka Classic packraft to use as a bow bag while on the water. 


While attached to the pack the space behind the pocket can be used to stash items such as a PFD or paddle blades.


The pocket attaches using aluminum gated G hooks so you don't have to worry about breaking them and losing your bag while on the water. While attached to the backpack, you can attach two more sets of compression straps and attach the pocket to the top strap of the pack to add additional security to items stowed behind the pocket. Tightening down the compression straps attached to the pocket will also simultaneously compress the pack body. 


The pocket itself is pretty water resistant when seam taped, however it is not submergeable. There is a flap over the zipper to reduce the amount of water that can enter the zipper seams due to splashing or rain. The flap can be flipped backwards for easier access to the pocket or flipped forward for more water resistance. 


This pocket is made to use with the Big Wild Pack, but will fit on any of our backpacks to add additional storage space. 




Seam taped version 4.5oz






#5 YKK uretek water resistant zipper

Aluminum gated G hooks

Bow Bag/Front Pocket

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