All of our accessories have a new attachment system! 


There are now two bands of elastic on the back of the pocket, which securely hold the pocket in place and keep it from moving around. The new system also makes use of two 5/8" clips that clip on to the webbing daisy chain on each side of the hip belt wing. This makes for a very secure attachment to the hip belt and keeps the pocket from moving around. The clips are placed at each end of the zipper, which makes for easy one handed opening.


These hip belt pockets are great for carrying things such as snacks, a camera, or anything that you would like to have easy access to while hiking. They are made out of waterproof X-Pac, and have a fully waterproof zipper located on the front of the pocket. Pockets are sold individually. 


-Made out of waterproof fabrics
-Waterproof #5 ykk zipper located on the front of the pocket 
-50cu in. of storage space 
-Each one weighs about 1.2oz 

-Dimensions 6x5x1"

-Compatible with any hip belt that has a 3/4" or smaller daisy chain.



Accessories usually ship within 3-7 business days.

Hip Belt Pocket

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