Vertical Roll Top Compression:


This is the roll top side compression option which can be added to any of our backpacks. This option is nice for compressing down the volume of the pack vertically, and also adds a nice clean look to the pack. We use 1/2 buckles for this application.


These straps are removable and can be added to any of our packs at any time. We use sturdy quick attach hardware that attaches to a small loop hidden inside the side pocket. This makes it so that you can add or remove the buckles at any time. The attachment loop is hidden within the side pocket so that you will never even know it is there when the straps are not attached. These small attachment loops automatically come on all of our backpacks, so all you have to do is buy these straps and you can attach them to the pack. The buckles will be male/female on the roll top, so you will still be able to clip them together if you so choose.


Selecting "Qty 1" will get you one set of roll top side compression straps for one backpack. 

Vertical Roll Top Compression

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