Roll Top Side Compression:


This is the roll top side compression option which can be added to any of our backpacks. This option is nice for compressing down the volume of the pack vertically, and also adds a nice clean look to the pack. We use 1/2 buckles for this application.


The buckles will be male/female on the roll top, so you will still be able to clip them together if you so choose.



Selecting "Qty 1" will get you one set of roll top side compression straps for one backpack. One set of roll top side compression should come out to $5.

Roll Top Side Compression


    *Important Note - After a custom order has been placed, it can not be changed. If you would like to change your order it will need to be canceled and reordered which will reset your place in the lead time. If you have any questions shoot us an email at

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