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Challenges Ultra TNT tape. In both 1.25" and 2" widths. 


Sold in 1 foot increments.


This is an adhesive tape that is designed to peel and stick onto the inside of our Ultra and EPLX200 packs. This can be used to seam seal your pack at home, or it can be used to repair the inner waterproof lining of your pack. 


It takes about 36ft of tape to seal a backpack. You can use either width. 2" will give better coverage, but will add slightly more weight and is harder to apply in certain areas of the pack. Seam taping will add roughly 1-1.5oz to the overall pack weight. 


Note this will not stick to our Ultragrid packs or to the outside of any of our pack fabrics. 

Ultra Seam Tape

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