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Recommended uses:


Ultralight backpacking

Weekend trips/Overnighters


Check out the article on our new Ecopak fabrics!


Built to be fast a light with lots of external storage that is easy to access while wearing the pack, our Superior packs are an excellent choice for dialed ultralight kits.


These packs come with four separate external pockets. There is one standard side pocket on the user's right hand side, big enough to hold two 1L smartwater bottles. One large pocket on the user's left hand side. This pocket can be divided into two separate pockets using the included shock cord, or you can remove the shock cord and use the pocket as one large storage space. The left hand pocket also comes with a side access port that makes the pocket easily accessible while wearing the pack.


There are also two upper pockets made out of Ultra Stretch mesh. One small pocket that is great for smaller items like tent stakes and a trowel and one larger pocket that is great for storing larger items. The upper pockets are also capable of storing 1L smartwater bottles. 


The shoulder straps on these packs are very thick and comfortable, made out of 1/2" thick evazote foam. The standard straps are 3" wide, and the small torsos come with 2.5" wide straps. These packs are designed for lighter loads and are comfortable up to about 18-20lbs. 


There are three different attachment points for different top strap setups. The pack comes with a single top strap, but you can also use a Y strap or a double top strap which is our top choice for carrying a bear canister. Other top straps are sold separately. 


All of our packs are made to order. Check our current lead times here.

Superior - Frameless

  • Specs


    • 27L internal capacity
    • 9L External capacity
    • 36L total capacity


    • Bottom Circumference: 30"
    • Top Circumference: 31.5"
    • Unrolled Height: 29"
    • Packed/Rolled Height: 22"
    • Width 10"
    • Depth 6"


    • Pack body - 12oz
    • Top strap - .4oz
    • Sternum strap - .5oz
    • Shock cord trekking pole loop .1oz
    • Shipped weight including all removable accessories: 13oz
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