Light, minimal and modular without forgoing a solid feature set and unbeatable load carrying ability for its weight. The Movement 35 is a monster of a pack in an ultralight package. 


This pack is an awesome option for modern day ultralight trips as it is very light for a fully framed pack, but can easily be pushed up to the 35-40lb load range and still be comfortable. This is due to the single aluminum stay and the floating hip belt which is connected directly to the bottom of the stay. This provides excellent load transfer to your hips. 


This pack would be a great option for an ultralight thru-hike where your pack will often be around 20-25lbs or less, but will sometimes need to carry a lot of water weight or extra gear for colder temps and snowy mountains. You will also appreciate the hip belt and the frame when heading out of town with a backpack full of food from your last resuppply.  If you're sick of sore shoulders, give this thing a try.


This pack is also a great option if you are curious about trying to go frameless or hip beltless as the frame and hip belt are both completely removable on this pack.  

Movement 35

  • Weight - 24.5oz for back body, stay, hip belt, foam pad, sternum strap and roll top stiffeners in 18" torso size and 28" belt.

    Pack Body Alone - 16oz - 18" torso

    Hip belt - 4.5oz - 28"

    Stay - 1.9oz - 20.5" length

    Sternum strap - .5oz

    Foam sit pad - .8oz

    Roll top stiffeners - .8oz


    35L Internal Volume

    10L External Volume

    45L Total Volume

    Carrying capacity - 35-40lbs


    Top circumference: 34.5"

    Middle circumference: 33"

    Bottom circumference: 33"

    Unrolled height: 32"

    Max height when rolled: 26"

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